Web Wednesday

OK, this site has be stagnant long enough.  It’s time for a commitment!  How about a weekly update each Wednesday?  That’s brilliant, thank you for suggesting it.  We had awesome services Sunday.  I especially appreciate the message from brother Jimmie and Karly was absolutely phenomenal Sunday night.  God is good and it is awesome to watch him work in these individuals. Personally I have been trying to learn more about what God is like and to draw closer in my relationship with him.  I challenged the Sunday School class to learn more about God each week.  It will be interesting to see what the outcome is.  Revival starts next week, so check back and see what God is doing.

On other fronts, Fat Keith is a stubborn lad.  He may be dead but he is not accepting that without a fight.  I have lost around 10 pounds since his death, but they keep wanting to crawl out of the grave.


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