I came across this thread some time ago and since that time I have added water based poly to latex paint. these mixtures have been applied to children’s furniture cabinetry and signs for the most part. I have mixed Ben Moore with Minwax polycrylic, verathane floor finish, zinsser floor finish and oil modified minwax polyurethane. I have also used Sherwin Williams duration , Martin Senour ,and even Valspar (the economy stuff from Lowes).
So far I have mixed 1 part poly to 4 parts paint as well as 1 part paint to 4 partspoly. thinned with 10% water and 1.5 oz Floetrol per quart for spraying.
So far I have found this method to produce a ridiculously hard and durable finish. Especially when using the floor finishes. using the Ben Moore Cottonballs white with the verathane poly after 1 weeks time you can hardly even machine sand it off.
I have a design studio in Charleston South Carolina. What led me to ultimately try this was needing very bright and vibrant colors that were already latex paint colors. it was becoming tedious to color match these in the solvent based lacquers that we traditionally have been using.
I have personally used this method on over 220 pieces since first reading this thread with great success. The only thing I cannot offer is several years wait time to see how these finishes have held up.

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